“We, the team at Lemar, are truly committed in walking the extra mile, in seeing that you,
the customer, are totally satisfied.”

– Les Poffenroth, President

Since 1996, we have been dedicated to providing quality workmanship and professional service to our customers.

Have you ever experienced being frustrated in crowded exhibits or standing in long lines?

We, Lemar Powerwalk, provide you the solutions for high traffic and congested areas to ensure your visitors leave with positive experiences.  Our moving walkway system is designed to move people comfortably, safely and efficiently. 

To date, we have maintained our safety track record.

Lemar Powerwalk

A Little History…

Lemar Powerwalk is a family run company. Started in 1996, Lemar Powerwalk was incorporated in rural Alberta, Canada.  Powerwalk began with Les Poffenroth and his two sons only working in the shop, to teach them hands on skills on manufacturing and to run a family business. Since 2003, our clientele expanded globally. We manufacture walkways for all Ripley’s Aquarium in North America, South Korea, Russia. Today, Lemar Powerwalk is still a family run business in Alberta employing 15 professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer service and cutting-edge products. 


Moving Walkway System

The Powerwalk is versatile and adaptable to many locations. We help manage the flow of foot traffic, ensuring your guests will have positive experience walking through your location at it’s busiest times. 

All units come equipped with a variety of safety features such as emergency stop buttons, laser photo-eye sensor at the end of walks, kick stop sensor.

Included with the installation of our walkways at your location, we will offer training to your personnel for the maintenance of your Powerwalks.



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